IMG Exporters Database
Dear Sir,<br /> We wish to introduce our company as an importer of food product and food processing equipment based in India.<br /> We wish to inform you that we are interested for these product and equipment from Lithuania.We therefore request you to register us in your portal for future busines ...
Leisner ApS
Incontinent underwear
We are looking for incontinental underwear producers in Lithuania. Espacially we are interested in incontinental underwear for woman. <br /> <br /> We are a danish company, who have sold incontinent product, <br /> for more than 40 years. <br /> We would like to purchase products from a european ...
Medical furniture and medical equipment
U.B.M-KOTASIŃSKA is a Polish family company, which has been producing medical furniture since 1997. Our first medical device was a chair for the blood donation center. We gradually expanded our assortment, our next step in development is to launch the production of multi-functional treatment chairs ...
Martinėlis, UAB Jewelry boutique
‘MARTINELIS & CO’ – JEWELRY CREATORS and MANUFACTURERS based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We make jewelry with HIGH STANDARDS and HIGH QUALITY materials. Jewelry is made from PRECIOUS METALS with DIAMONDS and there are exceptional collections with METEORITE and AMBER. We SPECIALIZE i ...
Ticen Summer
Bendradarbiavimas iš "Ticen Summer" (Kijevas, Ukraina)
We are a future clothing shop in Ukraine (Kiev) and we're seaching of :<br /> <br /> - textile enterprises, that want to sell to the Ukrainian market or open their representative office in Ukraine;<br /> - brands of clothes that are looking for a clothing supplier in Ukraine, want to produce ...
UAB Avastata
Furniture from MDF
We are looking for clients from Scandinavia who are interested in furniture, from painted MDF plates. We can paint kitchen facades, furniture parts and standard furniture from MDF.
Food packaging materials
Hello, <br /> we are currently looking for food packaging materials that Latvian producers are not able to manufacture. <br /> Therefore I wanted to ask, if there is any register where I could look up some food packaging material producers in your country?! <br /> <br />
tauru kedras
timber.pallets boards
Hello,<br /> <br /> UAB ‘‘Tauru kedras‘‘ is located in Lithuania, manufactures and sells<br /> various dimensions of container wood, timber, furniture wood, pallets boards. We produce about 10,000 m3 per year. We are looking<br /> for partners for permanent cooperation in ...
The company "Myrtcom" produces a full cycle of manufacturing parts, spare parts according to the customer's drawings of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, weighing castings up to 450 kg<br /> The main goal of "Myrtcom" is to realize even the most demanding orders and ...
Japan External Trade Organization JETRO Warsaw Office
Lithuanian bee honey producers
Recently one Japanese company asked us for introduction.<br /> The company is looking for a Lithuanian honey producer.<br />