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RAIBEC brings efficiency to digital marketing helping companies get more profit. Our specialization is efficient business development empowered data analysis & clever digital automatisation, especially for e-commerce business. We help businesses ... Information and communication technology industry ( Software Solutions,Digital Media and Marketing ) 95%
We produce customized industrial electric furnaces and ovens for heat treatment processes such as hardening, cementation, tempering, annealing, aging, normalizing, preheating, vulcanization, polymerizations and drying of various materials in temperat ... Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry ( Manufacture of electrical equipment,Manufacture of machinery and ... 95%
We are the first and only biotechnology company in Lithuania manufacturing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) individually for each patient. We develop our products using patients’ own tissues and cells in the manufacturing process, an ... Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry ( Biotechnology,Biopharmacy ) 95%
Main goal of the company – solutions for lifting tasks. Company’s solutions are designed for various industrial companies that uses cranes in technological processes: Logistics; Energy; Railway; Metallurgy; Petro-chemical; Quay ... Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry ( Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. ) 95%
AVINFI fabrics - make special direct printing on fabrics, according to customer's designs. Choose from our fabrics or bring your own. Using direct printers, we can offer unique design fabrics that will allow each creator to be unique and exclus ... Apparel and textile and leather industry ( Line products ) 95%
Woher wir sind Wir sind die Handwerker aus der Ostsee Region - ein Meer des Atlantischen Ozeans, der Deutschland, Dänemark, Polen, Skandinavien & Baltische Länder verbindet. Angespornt durch das Meer, Sanddünen der Kurischen Neh ... Creative industries ( Jewelry and bijouterie ) 95%
UAB "Integris" is a Lithuanian based IT company that is the creator and developer of WiseTeam - a specialised project management solution. Information and communication technology industry ( Software Solutions ) 95%
Founded in 2012, MeinArt is an award-winning animation studio that has worked on various national and international projects. We create original animated content for TV, film as well as explainer videos or anything else related to animation. One of ... Graphic arts, publishing, and advertising industry ( Advertising agencies ) 95%
We are professional clothing producers from Lithuania. We produce good quality jersey garments. Our products: T-shirts, polo, jumpers, trousers, dresses, blouses and other garments from knitted fabric. We offer full garment production. We creat ... Apparel and textile and leather industry ( Sewing,Knitwear,Womenswear,Menswear,Sports wear,CM or CMT services ) 95%
Company produce various size, color and durability polyethylene bags, which are being used at garment industry, laundry, manufacture of furniture, etc. Paper, paper product manufacturing, and packaging industry ( Plastic packaging ) 95%